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Month: March 2023

“What Is Truth?”

Examining the historicity of 1st & 2nd Samuel, continued

In the previous post, I started my look at the historicity of some of the favorite stories in the Bible, which are the subject of my new novel Quest for a King, the first book of the proposed “Age of the Kingdom” series. The title “What Is Truth” is a quote of Pontius Pilate, when he was questioning Christ. Today, it is popular for people to talk about “my truth,” as if you can pick and choose what you believe to be true, but that is just a cop-out and gives permission to avoid truths that make people uncomfortable.

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“Really Truly Stories”

Examining the historicity of 1st & 2nd Samuel

I read A LOT as a child.

I attended a very small denominationally operated school with a fittingly small library. By the time I left the school I had read every book in the library at least once.

I remember from my childhood a series of books called “Really Truly Stories.” I don’t remember reading them, but I always remembered the name of the series.

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The Joys and Pitfalls of Writing Historical Fiction

I’ve always loved history. I know, I’m a nerd, but not just a history nerd; I’ve been a band nerd, an audio-visual nerd and a coding nerd.

I love history enough that I have always read books on history and watched documentaries without it being required so, in college, I discovered that I could take sociology courses to fulfill my humanities requirement. As a result, I didn’t take a single history course in college. I figured I already knew it all (!).

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