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Age of the Kingdom

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AGE OF THE KINGDOM is a series of books I am writing, beginning with the first book in the series, Quest for a King (for more on the series, visit

CBA Gold Seal
Quest for a King won the Gold Medal in Christian Book Awards Adult Fiction Category Best Book Awards Finalist
Quest also was a Finalist’s Best Book Awards in the Religious Fiction Category

The series will follow multiple generations of several families, some named in the Bible, some unnamed and mentioned only once and some fictional. All will be against the backdrop of Israel’s united monarchy, consisting of the reigns of Kings Saul, David and Solomon.

“Quest” begins before the inauguration of the first king, Saul, and continues through the rise of David. Subsequent books in the series will continue the narrative from the viewpoints of various people who may be prominent in the biblical narrative or fictional characters who represent the many thousands of unnamed, unheralded people who lived in this period.

Though these stories are Sunday School favorites, this book is not “sanitized” for children. I portray life as it was: difficult and often brutal, but with people attuned to God’s Spirit and will. Through fictional characters I flesh out the emotion behind the cryptic biblical narrative.

In Quest for a King, A catastrophic battle sets in motion events that birth Israel’s first monarchy, but the king’s fecklessness puts the fate of the nation in doubt. During the tenuous reign of Israel’s first king, the rise of a charismatic hero drives a wedge between brothers Jeriah and Azel. Tragedy befalls a cursed family of priests and a chilling prophecy from the grave signals the end of the king and his heirs. Can Israel’s fledgling monarchy survive attacks from without and rivals within?

Whether royalty, prophets, priests or common shopkeepers, no one escapes the palace intrigue, divided loyalties, and tribal battles that characterized life 3,000 years ago. Can God’s vision be realized?

The second book in the series is Exile of the King. It will be available soon. It will cover the second half of King Saul’s reign, when David, designated as the next king, is in exile.

Exile of the King cover

The AGE OF THE KINGDOM series will be appreciated by men who want to revisit these stories, but women have important roles as well. 

I developed a love for these stories through 17 years of parochial school, a Theology degree and 15 years in Christian ministry, including six years as a church magazine editor in the southern US.

Order Quest for a King (book one) Now!

What People Say about Quest for a King

“In Quest for a King, Gary Ivey brings the Bible to life through vivid and intricately-crafted characters with whom the reader can’t help but bond. Viewed through the eyes of these engaging characters, the pre-Davidic period of three thousand years ago comes alive like never before. Rich and nuanced subjects that are hard to limn from the terse biblical text become much clearer, such as how the Israelites worshipped their one G-d but at the same time hadn’t quite abandoned the Canaanite deities. The Bible records the events of this period, but through the compelling characters of Quest, the reader is able to truly live them. As with the best of historical fiction, Quest is a deeply immersive experience. I read it cover to cover in one sitting… it is impossible to put down. I wish I had had this growing up. I would have understood biblical history so much better!”

Brett Goldberg,BA, author of A Psalm in Jenin
 and entrepreneur.

“Gary Ivey’s wonderful third novel Quest for a King is just as riveting as his first two. It’s a remarkably ambitious saga exploring the lives of a complex array of Biblical and non-Biblical characters. Quest for a King follows several generations of families, some mentioned in the stories of 1st and 2nd Samuel, some not. Deeply researched, the book evokes with remarkable specificity these ordinary and extraordinary people living in ancient Israel, as their lives are swept up and overturned by the move of God and the forces of history.”

Terry R. Freeman, BA, MBA, CG, Genealogist, Historian, Author.

“Gary Ivey takes the biblical storyline of Israel’s quest for a king and makes it come alive. By adding rich character development and well researched historical details to the Old Testament record, he has created a work of fiction that’s both educational and extremely engaging, like an Old Testament The Chosen.”

Bill Barley, BS, JD, Pastor, Living Stones Church.

Order Quest for a King (book one) Now!


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