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Video Production

Below is a video I produced for local company Aloha Barter. It is being used as an intro video on the website.

Below is a video I produced for local woodcut artist Andrea Pro. She is using the video to raise money through IndieGoGo. In addition to shooting and editing, I also “sweetened” some of the music. Andrea gave me the following testimonial:

“Gary produced a top notch video for my Indiegogo Art fundraising campaign. He handled the complexity of filming me in my studio inking blocks and pulling a print through the press in a way that made it look seamless. I’m fairly shy in front of a camera, and he was very patient while we did a number of re-takes. The final video is way beyond what I expected. It’s so dynamic and interesting the way he used the still photographs of art that I provided by zooming in and creating movement. His choices of music fit perfectly with my theme and added so much to the message. I highly recommend Gary for your next video project!”
Andrea Pro, woodcut printmaker.

The Eternal Wiliwili Forest from Gary Ivey on Vimeo.

I recently produced this video for the company my wife and I own, OmegaNet Inc. It is an animated “explainer” video.

I wrote the script and did storyboards before starting animation.

I did not do all the art, but I did the animation in Adobe After Effects. I took stock vector images, mostly from, and In most cases I had to modify the vector art in Adobe Illustrator to make them what I needed them to be.

Major modification was needed for the Sue character, which came from Shutterstock. I had to separate all the elements of her body so they could be animated separately (head, legs, arms, hands, etc.). I also had to create from scratch the various in-between steps for mouth, eyes and eyebrows, so she could have various facial expressions. This was all done in Illustrator.

Very little was done in Photoshop, because everything needed to be vector. There were just a couple of elements I couldn’t find as vectors so I converted them to vectors in Illustrator.

As I said, once I had all the elements built in Illustrator, I animated each scene in Adobe After Effects. I then generated video files which I took into Adobe Premiere for editing to the soundtrack.

That’s my voice on the soundtrack. It was recorded using Presonus Studio One digital audio workstation (DAW).

I also composed the first music bed in Studio One, using a midi keyboard with pizzicato strings and celeste samples. The composition is aptly named “Sue’s Song”. The second music is stock from Envato.

This is the first time I’ve done an animated video in After Effects like this. I used to do animations back in the 1990s on an Amiga computer when I had my own video production business. I’m indebted to a course on for detailed training on the steps to use.