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About Me

I’m a husband, father and grandfather.

I’m an optimist whose positive attitude causes me to be surprised every morning I wake up and discover it isn’t going to be 72 degrees and sunny (but in Hawaii it often is!).

I’m an entrepreneur who believes capitalism is the best way to raise the greatest number of people from poverty to self-sufficiency. Conversely socialism is a complete and proven failure at accomplishing that goal.

I’m a Christian because I believe the Gospel story is true and is the best prescription for what ails the human condition.

I’m an American who is proud of our heritage, our opportunities for betterment (at least what’s left of them), and still believes in our experiment in Liberty.

I believe in people and their ability to govern themselves, which is to say I think the government should be as limited as possible and that government is a necessary evil — the operative word being “evil”, so the less it does, the better.

In short, I believe in Faith, Family and Fundamentals.

I’ve been married to my soulmate, Laura “Toni” Sykes Ivey for almost 50 years as of December, 2023. We moved to Kailua Kona, Hawaii, in December, 2015 to be near our only child, Sharee and her family (husband Christian, daughter Maiya and son Elijah) who have been in Hawaii for many years, serving with Youth With A Mission. From here, they’ve been all over the world on mission projects.


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