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“Exile of the King” Wins Gold in Adult Fiction

I recently was notified that Exile of the King, the second novel in the Age of the Kingdom series, has won the Gold Medal for Adult Fiction at the Christian Book Awards.

Quest for a King, the first novel in the series also won this award, so I praise God for this blessing.

The Age of the Kingdom series follows several families through multiple generations during the time leading up to and during Israel’s united monarchy 3,000 years ago. Quest and Exile cover the years prior to King Saul through his death in battle.

The series will continue with The Eternal Kingdom, which traces the first half of King David’s reign, and the fourth novel, yet to be named, will cover the second half of David’s reign.

There will either be five or six novels in the series, depending on whether the reign of Solomon is given two volumes.

Quest for a King and Exile of the King are available now and can be purchased here or at or your bookstore can order them from Ingram.

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