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Category: Current Events

Where Do We Go From Here?

We are less than a year away from another presidential election in the US. Can it really be eight years ago that Donald Trump announced he was running for president and the left lost its collective mind?

And are we really going to have a rematch of the candidates from 2020?

Both parties seem deeply divided and both leading candidates have many strikes against them. If you know me, you know that I will vote for whomever the Republican candidate is, especially now, even if I have to hold my nose to do it. And I usually do (have to hold my nose).

They say (whoever “they” are) that most people vote against a candidate instead of FOR a candidate. That is true of me, since I have to believe that the Republican in any race is going to align more closely with my principles of freedom and free markets than any Democrat. That has never been more true than now. Economic freedom and individual empowerment are not high on the Democrats’ “to-do” list, with their anti-business stance and tendency to focus on victim groups, but Republican politicians often fail to protect our rights as well. So we usually have to vote for the lesser of two evils.

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Just Stop LYING!

There has been some hand wringing in the media lately because, they say, confidence in our national institutions is eroding. I have an idea, if you want to restore confidence in institutions, just STOP LYING!

“Truth” is a word that has seemingly lost all meaning for some people, especially, it seems, those who wield power. The “truth” is no longer what is factual and provably true, it is simply the approved narrative.

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10 Reasons the Push to Electric Cars Will Make Us Poorer

Articles this week declared that California is moving forward with a total ban on the sale of gasoline powered vehicles by 2035. Everyone knows that California is a state on wheels, with around 2 million vehicle registrations each year, so that is a huge move that will have far-reaching effects. Technically it is new gasoline-powered vehicle sales that are banned. Used gas vehicles could still be sold and traded. Currently, only 12% of new cars sales in California are plug-in electric vehicles.

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The Mother of All Scandals

Back in September, 2021, when President Biden was threatening to force all businesses with more than 200 employees to require their workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, I wrote a post listing 37 questions which occurred to me concerning the pandemic and the response to it. Since then I have begun reading “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (pictured)

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Our Love-Hate Relationship With Oil

$6.00 per gallon gasoline? Looks like it’s happening.

In my novel series, “Backlash,” I examine how political philosophy influences energy policy and how manipulation of energy policy affects ordinary people in their daily lives. In the first book of the series, a punitive gasoline tax on top of existing fuel taxes, increases the price of a gallon of gasoline to $6.00 per gallon. We are seeing prices in that neighborhood today.

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Are Environmental Activists to Blame for the Invasion of Ukraine?

The price of a barrel of oil is approaching $120. In 2020 it was less than $50. This is very good for Russia. If that hadn’t happened, Vladimir Putin wouldn’t have been able to afford the invasion of Ukraine. But why did it happen?

Recently it has come out that environmental activists worked with Putin to convince the European countries on the other end of Putin’s oil pipelines that Climate Change was such an emergency that they needed to drastically cut their oil production.

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Lingering Questions

On Sept. 9, 2021, President Biden announced his intention to mandate through the Department of Labor and OSHA that all Federal Employees (except postal workers) and all employees of all Federal government contractors receive the COVID-19 vaccine, plus all employees of all private companies and NGOs with more than 100 employees. In his statement he hinted that no one should have questions about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. Therefore, everyone should be forced to receive the vaccine.

However, I do have lingering questions, going all the way back to the beginning of the pandemic.

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Climate Change: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

This week president Biden appointed former senator, secretary of state and presidential candidate John Kerry as his climate czar, despite the Kerry family owning multiple homes, a fleet of cars and a private jet, which all use tremendous amounts of energy. Arguably, the Kerry family has a carbon footprint many times that of the average American. However, that does not stop John Kerry from lecturing average Americans about their use of energy; in fact he wasted no time informing hard-working Americans that many of them would likely lose their jobs as he transitions us to “renewable” modes of energy.

When talking about climate change, we are told by the dominant culture that the “science is settled” and no discussion is necessary. Like a lot of other things at the moment, we average Americans are told to sit down, shut up and accept what our betters tell us.

But is that the right way to approach climate change? I would suggest that there are many things to consider when discussing climate change. It is not a single subject; there are multiple questions to consider and the answers to those questions should determine what policies are put in place. Here is my list of the questions that should be considered, but which we are told not to consider.

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