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True Lies

Since President Obama has invoked the name of President George W. Bush many times, and the Left has been fond of saying “Bush Lied, People Died”, I feel like this would be a good time to make a comparison.

This is actually a teachable moment for the Left. This week it became clear that President Obama lied repeatedly concerning ObamaCare and whether Americans who like their insurance, doctor, etc. could keep them. He stated over and over that we could keep our insurance and our “plan, period”.

That, we now know, was a lie. He was not mistaken; he didn’t “misspeak” as the New York Times said. He knew at the time he said it that it was not true. That is the definition of a lie.

This is a teachable moment for the Left because they said “Bush Lied” about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The difference is, Bush believed that statement to be true. It was not a lie. We didn’t find the weapons of mass destruction, although we know Saddam had them because he used them on his own people. So, it was reasonable to accept the conclusion of the CIA and MI6 that he still had them.

Again, Bush believed he was telling the truth.

The same cannot be said for Obama. He knew when he said it more than a score of times on videotape, that it was not true.

That, Leftists, is how you know it is a lie.

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