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Just Stop LYING!

There has been some hand wringing in the media lately because, they say, confidence in our national institutions is eroding. I have an idea, if you want to restore confidence in institutions, just STOP LYING!

“Truth” is a word that has seemingly lost all meaning for some people, especially, it seems, those who wield power. The “truth” is no longer what is factual and provably true, it is simply the approved narrative.

For example, “If you get the vaccine, you won’t get COVID 19 and you won’t spread it to others.” That was what the people in power wanted us to believe, so that’s what they said, even though they knew both halves of that statement were lies when they said it (or at least they knew they didn’t really know if it was true or not).

The New York Times just admitted that 30% of deaths attributed to COVID were not due to COVID at all. If they admit 30%, the real number is probably closer to 50%. Why did they lie? Because it was important that we be so scared we would obey.

As late as this week there was a doctor on social media trying to convince people not to go to the movies because it could cause a COVID spike. I guess he misses the good old days when people would act on that kind of thing, before they learned how most of it was just a power trip.

You can go back further for another example: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Barak Obama knew that was a lie when he said it, but it was important that you and I believe it so they could advance their agenda, so he didn’t care that it was a lie.

It’s hardly remembered now, but in 2009 and 2011, we had “Climategate,” when emails between prominent American and British scientists were leaked and we learned that they had greatly exaggerated the dangers of climate change by fudging the numbers of global temperature records. One way they did that was to eliminate the Medieval Warm Period 1,000 years ago and the Little Ice Age 300-500 years ago so they could show continuous warming. Is it any wonder there are millions of “climate deniers”?

We’ve been told to “follow the science,” but what if the scientists are lying to advance an agenda or get funding?

So due to Climategate and the COVID 19 circus, with “Dr.” Anthony Fauci as ringleader, Science itself has been besmirched and many have lost confidence in that discipline, which we have always been told is objective and unassailable.

And then there’s our current president, bless his heart. Most people never knew or forgot that he had to drop out of the presidential race 30 years ago or so because it was discovered he had plagiarized some things he had written years before that. Joe Biden has always talked big and made things up – whatever would get a reaction from his audience at the time. Was there any truth to them? Of course not, but he was given a pass by the mainstream media because he was on their team – or they were on his – whatever.

Now, with the current state of his cognizance, who knows whether Joe knows or cares if what he is saying is true. Yesterday he claimed to have cured cancer. Last week he claimed we are building a railroad across the Pacific Ocean. He has claimed to have been a truck driver, that he was at the top of his class in law school (the opposite is true) and that he was raised by Koreans or Puerto Ricans, depending on the audience, to name a few of his tall tales.

For months, during impeachment hearings, California Representative Adam Schiff assured us that he had conclusive evidence that President Trump was a Russian asset. When the Mueller Report failed to find any evidence that Trump was a secret Russian agent, Schiff just acted like he’d never said it and no one demanded he produce the evidence he had claimed he had.

Biden’s predecessor was accused of lying by the mainstream media, who counted every time he said something they disagreed with as a lie, and counted each instance in which he repeated an assertion as a new lie, so they could say he had told over 1,000 lies. But that was a lie, if for no other reason than they used a biased method for counting them. But when someone says something you disagree with, that doesn’t mean they are lying. You need to substantiate your position with facts. But when Trump said things that were out of line with the approved narrative, they called those lies. “Misinformation,” if you will.

These days, when someone cries “misinformation” you can pretty much assume that the information is true, but the powers-that-be don’t want the information getting out, so they brand it misinformation and try to silence the people “spreading” it.

In recent weeks we have been learning that all the “misinformation” about Hunter Biden is actually true and there are probably even more dark things under the rock out from which he crawled, still to be revealed. During the 2020 election, 51 national intelligence officials signed a letter, which said that the information on the laptop that Hunter foolishly abandoned at a repair shop was “Russian disinformation.” These veterans of the American intelligence community, who are sworn to keep Americans safe from enemies foreign and domestic, were lying when they signed that letter. The 51 intelligence guys knew the letter was a lie when they signed it, but they needed us to believe the laptop story was Russian disinformation, because they felt they needed to sway the election.

Speaking of “disinformation,” since the election of 2020 we have learned that Facebook (“Meta”) and other social media outlets like Twitter (“X”?), worked very hard to silence voices on the right side of the political spectrum, including the information about Hunter’s laptop, which a sizable section of the electorate say would have changed their votes from Biden to Trump if they had known it was a legitimate story.

President Trump has been criticized harshly for claiming the 2020 election was compromised, but who can blame him, when we continually find out that there are people actively trying to change the outcome of the elections.

In other news, the government is now saying they’ve been lying about the existence of UFOs for a hundred years. We still don’t know the implications, but I guess we’ll be finding out.

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