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Month: September 2023

“Quest for a King” Wins Christian Book Awards Adult Fiction Category

A few weeks ago I was notified that Quest for a King, the first novel in the Age of the Kingdom series, was an official selection in the Christian Book Awards. Today I found out it won the Gold Medal Award in the Adult Fiction category! Praise the Lord!

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Is President Biden to Blame for the UAW Strike?

The American automakers, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler (now owned by Stellantis) are all being struck at once (at selected plants) in a first-ever industry-wide strike.

President Joe Biden likes to be called the Union President. He claims to identify with lunchpail, blue-collar workers, who have traditionally been union members, at least in the Northeast.

So it shouldn’t be a stretch to say he is sympathetic to the plight of union members in the current United Auto Workers strike. But does that mean he’s to blame?

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Unsettled Science

Climate Alarmists have been claiming for years that “the Science is settled,” so there’s no longer any reason to discuss Climate Change; we must ACT. Why, they say, 97% (or some such number) of scientists agree that climate change is an existential threat.

But a group of 1,600 scientists from around the world just blew a hole in that argument. The Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) has released a declaration denying the existence of a climate emergency and instead highlights the beneficial nature of carbon dioxide.

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