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Month: August 2013

ObamaCare and Me – Update

So my insurance agent says my policy will end but she can’t give me a new one yet, because the regulations haven’t been written outlining what all must be covered.

Meanwhile my premium has doubled since Obama took office and who knows what the premium will be after all the new required coverages?

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And So It Begins

So my health insurance is being cancelled and replaced with a different policy that satisfies ObamaCare. The problem with my current policy is it doesn’t cover maternity or birth control pills, which Washington DC has decided I, as a 61year old man, must be insured for. Of course with the additional coverage for me and all 150,000,000 other men, I’m sure my new policy will be more “affordable”.

My insurance agent says its clear that the people who wrote ObamaCare don’t know anything about Insurance or Medicine. Or Biology, apparently.

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Morphing Scandals

We’ve reached a point in America where the day-to-day events are so outrageous that they demand addressing, but there are so many outrageous events on so many days that we have outrage fatigue.

Several months ago I wrote about the Daily Outrage, and if I had had time I probably could have kept it up, because the outrageous behavior of the Obama Administration has provided examples almost too numerous to catalog.

Despite the meme of “phony scandals” and vacuous boobs like Nancy Pelosi blathering about Obama’s being the most scandal free presidency, the well-known scandals (Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, etc.) are only the tip of the iceberg. Each of Obama’s Czars is a walking scandal, if you look at the kinds of things they say on a regular basis.

After a while the scandals start to merge and morph into something new and freshly outrageous. Such a morphing happened last week with the IRS scandal. It merged with the ObamaCare debacle to reveal a whole new level of scandal.

It was outrageous when Lois Lerner took the Fifth Amendment before Congress, exactly because the IRS doesn’t allow people who are hauled before their tribunals to take the Fifth. But last week we learned that IRS employees don’t want to be forced into ObamaCare, even though the IRS is the agency charged with forcing all of us into it!

Things like this are why I often say that Liberals don’t get irony.

ObamaCare remains unpopular with a majority of Americans. It was the single most instrumental action of the Administration and Congress that led to the rise of the Tea Party. Those who were paying attention already knew that the IRS was the enforcement muscle behind ObamaCare, but little did we know that they would be so brash as to demand exemption from the program they are charged with enforcing!

That takes some serious gall.

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