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My Second Book Released!

If you know me or follow by Author page on Facebook, you know that my first book, “Backlash” has been out a while. It’s a story with a female protagonist, Jacqueline James, who is a CEO of the largest gasoline retailer in the U.S. Her company is caught in a conspiracy between government actors and activists. Congress passes a gasoline tax that makes it impossible for the company to make a profit. It’s a political novel in the vein of “Atlas Shrugged” with a national cast of characters. I recently revamped the cover, the front- and back-matter and re-released it.

This past weekend, I released the sequel, “Backlash 2: Justice Denied,” which picks up where the first book left off. Congress repeals the gas tax, but a judge issues an injunction to stop the repeal and the difficulties for Jackie, her employees and stockholders and their customers continue. In the meantime, one of her employees takes the law into his own hands and someone close to her betrays her trust.

I’m proud of these two books, which are available on My author’s page is here, with links to both books (the first edition of “Backlash” isn’t available anymore) or you can go to to learn more and even order a signed copy.

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